Our Group Companies

We are committed to delivering trustworthy, dependable fresh products to our consumers at a reasonable price.
To accomplish this fundamental principle of its corporate mission, the Secoma group business operation is expanding its various divisions involved with: sourcing and manufacturing, delivering products with appropriate temperature control, developing information systems, and managing food retail stores.
Each group company has its own area of specialisation and supports over 1,000 Secoma group stores.

Secoma Co LtdSupply chain planning, management, support, new business development
Managing convenience store “Seicomart” franchise
Sourcing & Manufacturing:
Hokuei Farm Co LtdAgriculture
Hokusan Foods Co LtdAgricultural product procurement, food manufacturing, product development
Hokko Co LtdAgricultural product procurement, cut and pickled vegetables
Kyogoku Seihyo Co LtdWater procurement, mineral water and ice products
Toyotomi Milk Products LtdMilk/dairy products
Daimaru Nyuhin Co LtdIce cream products
Maruyoshi Umezawa Seimen Co LtdManufacturing of fresh/cooked noodles
Hokurei Co LtdProcurement and processing of seafood products
Hokugen Co LtdSauces, soups, marinated meat
Chef Grand Nord Co LtdWestern cakes, baked goods
Logistics & Services:
Seico Fresh Foods Co LtdLogistics, general wholesale
Hokuryo Photo Co LtdPhoto-printing, commercial printing, website development, non-food wholesale
Seico Systems Engineering Co LtdIT system development
Hokuseki Engineering Co LtdFacility development & maintenance
Hokurin Co LtdAlcoholic beverages product development and wholesale
Reiden Engineering Co LtdElectrical equipment installation & maintenance
Phoenix Toya Club LtdResort facility
Seico International Trading Co LtdUnited States Subsidiary
Retail Businesses:
Seico Retail Service Co LtdOperation of “Seicomart” convenience stores
Hasegawa Stores Co LtdConvenience stores