Company Profile

Company name Secoma Company Limited
Headquarters Park 9・5 Building, West-5, South-9, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 064-8620, Hokkaido, Japan
Tel +81 (0)11 511 2796 (main)
Representative Director Hiroaki Akao, President
Capital JPY 428.05 million
Founded June 1974
First store Opened in Sapporo in August 1971
Business category Management of a conglomerate of businesses and real estate leases, etc
Store numbers 1,176(1,083 in Hokkaido, 93 in Kanto region of which 84 in Ibaraki, 9 in Saitama)
*As at May 2022

Secoma offices

Region Office names
HOKKAIDO Sapporo Headquarters
TOKYO Secoma Group, Tokyo regional office

Secoma Headquarters